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[fic] tactics, "Lesbian Sex" 04:10 pm
Title: Lesbian Sex
tactics - Haruka/Kantarou
Author: Genuine Replica [info]harukami
Recipient: prinnybomb nekokoban
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: c-crack? I kind of got fixated on the 'it's raikou's fault' part of the idea and then this happened.
Summary: Raikou has a plan. An evil, evil, self-gratifying plan!
Prompt: [leftover] Haruka/Kantarou. If you can do it, tactics genderfuck would be *awesome*. AU genderswitch or general-canon, either/or. Bonus if Raikou is involved (or if it's all his fault)! :3

Lesbian Sex )

[fic] Digital Devil Saga, "Peace and Panic" 04:12 pm
Title: Peace and Panic
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga - Gale(Vayu)/Cielo
Author: Genuine Replica [info]harukami
Recipient: Eldritch chibimazoku
Rating: R
Warnings: Xenokink (demonform on humanform), some mild bloodplay and mild vore/cannibalism.
Summary: Past fears don't need to be future fears, or even current ones.
Prompt: Digital Devil Saga: Any. Gimme some hot demon form/human form action. Amount of vore is up to you.

Peace and Panic )

[fic] Kingdom Hearts, "From What I've Tasted of Desire" 05:44 pm
From What I've Tasted of Desire
Kingdom Hearts
Not safe for work! User of POWARZ.

From What I've Tasted of Desire )
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