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[fic] CFUD, "Learning to Love Himself" Sep. 14th, 2005 @ 08:26 pm
Learning to Love Himself
Camp Fuck You Die
Crack whut I suck. 8D Safe for work, but nonworksafe discussions, if that makes sense. XD

Learning to Love Himself )

[4 200-word drabbles] Get Backers, FF8, Bleach/In Nomine, Sukisyo Jul. 29th, 2005 @ 04:07 pm
Incredibly behind, but I'm still answering that drabble challenge I put forward in June WOO.

...Okay, before I get to those, though, fic rec! This fic is by the lovely [info]eoan, and is Naruto, Sannin-focussed, because Jiraiya has no luck. It made me laugh a lot. A looooooooot. Spoilers for the, um... eh, let's say for the third exam arc's twist at the end, but set after ep 97. Techniaclly safe for work. Tsuruya ("Unfair", IIRC.). Enjoy!

Anyway! Drabbles from, like, requests.

Sweets For The...
Request: Akabane and...um....pocky. :) Feel free to have other characters in it, too. :)
Requester: [info]white_aster
No spoilers, safe for work.

Sweets For The... )


A Violent Man
Request: Zell trying to teach Squall to fight (with his fists). :D
Requester: [info]velithya
No spoilers, safe for work.

A Violent Man )


And Let Slip The Hounds of What?
Bleach/In Nomine Crossover
Request: Bleach/In Nomine crossover of any kind (because clearly Ichigo is a natural 6-or-7-Force human who gets an extra couple Forces via Rukia)
Requester: [info]melpomenes_mask
No spoilers, safe for work.

And Let Slip the Hounds of What? )


Of Love and Pudding
Request: If Ran can't have Yoru, then Ran wants pudding. :D
Requester: [info]cornucopian
No spoilers, safe for work.

Of Love and Pudding )
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