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[fic] Untitled waffy Jinana/Argilla thing Mar. 6th, 2008 @ 08:01 am
Right. I was up even earlier than usual due to stomachache and bleh, so. You get drabble. RETARDED JINANA/ARGILLA WAFFY FIC based entirely on CFUD threads like this. Entirely retarded and waffy, o/

retarded waffly drabble goooooooo )

[fic] CFUD: Audience Appreciation Week drabbles May. 21st, 2007 @ 03:53 pm
For ufo9 - "Axel/Roxas. Prompt: "Because of you". Preferably fluff, but points for making me cry, too."

Axel/Roxas )

For headplayboy - "Hanakimi cast genderswitched dynamics"

Hana-Kimi genderswitch )

For rjwhee - Can I ask for Zexion/Replica, please? Prompt: how far would you go

Zexion/Replica )

For maeritrae - Roxas/Axel/Umeda, no emo

Roxas/Axel/Umeda )

for rollerdragon - Zexion & the Riku Replica have a tea ceremony

Zexion, the Riku Replica, tea ceremony )

For cicer -- Roxas/Axel present/gift

Roxas/Axel gift )

For Moffit -- The KH cast in the hotsprings

KH cast in onsen )

for Chyldea - Axel/Roxas kitten antics

Axel/Roxas kitten antics )

For Eryne-chan - Kairi/Roxas/Axel

Kairi/Roxas/Axel )

[fic] KH2/CFUD "Ownership" Jan. 24th, 2007 @ 12:26 am
KH2 (CFUD-style)
Not safe for work. :Db Spoilers for KH2! Birthday fic for mackzazzle.

Ownership )

[fic] KH-post CFUD Au, Zexion-Replica fics Dec. 16th, 2006 @ 05:21 pm
So uh. These are all part of my post-CFUD AU wherein you know. Various people were resurrected for camp and eventually returned home to, well. Change things.

Five little stories under the cut. All Zexion and the Riku Replica, who've got interesting tihngs going on in camp.

Um kind of an. Early small X-mas present for [info]ranith, actually. Even if you've already seen one of them. XD;

Safe for work!

Animal Hunger / Going Home / Night Visit / Broken Toys / Fear )

[fic] CFUD, "Home Again" Jul. 26th, 2006 @ 03:17 am
[info]mackzazzle has had a rotten bunch of work days, including having to be up at 4:00 am today for work, and has requested a CFUD-centric Umeda/Axel fic. Because. Well. CFUD brings the Umeda/Axel UST. XDDDDd

So, you know. EXTREME AU CROSSOVER wherein Hana-Kimi's Umeda and Kingdom Hearts' Axel get together after being released from a crazy science experiment zombie camp.

Hope you feel better soon, Zazzle. ♥

(Errr not really edited because I have to fling myself into bed in order to get enough sleep before tomorrow's job interview XD)

Home Again
not safe for work.

Home Again )

[fic] CFUD, "Nocturnal" Oct. 4th, 2005 @ 04:34 am
...Mmm. Not sure i"m satisfied with this, so I'm typing up and posting when dead tired. |D May rewrite at a later date.

CFUD-centric. Not safe for work.

CFUD Near/Mello
Not safe for work, no spoilers, etc. Drabble. By request of [info]harlecerule!

Nocturnal )

[fic] CFUD, "Apple of his Eye" Sep. 16th, 2005 @ 02:20 am
Apple of his Eye
Because the players bribed me to. :D Worksafe, spoilers for one of Lee's abilities in Naruto. They're drinking buddies, see. If that makes sense to you, it's not a spoiler.

Apple of his Eye )

[fic] CFUD, "Learning to Love Himself" Sep. 14th, 2005 @ 08:26 pm
Learning to Love Himself
Camp Fuck You Die
Crack whut I suck. 8D Safe for work, but nonworksafe discussions, if that makes sense. XD

Learning to Love Himself )

[fics] Slayers "As Generations Move", CFUD-Death Note "Realization" Sep. 9th, 2005 @ 10:47 am
Mmm, in the computer lab doing email/internet/etc. ^^ Just a couple more days and I'll have internet all of my own! That'll kick so much ass it hurts, yes. Not been up to much the last few days. Some visits with [info]cythraul, a lot of reading for literature courses. *g*

So, obsessive a little -- I've already written my 'Mello returns to CFUD' post and am just holding onto it for monday now. Fuuuu.

... Ficpost!

Pardon any weirdnesses in style -- wrote this after reading WAY WAY WAY too much of Henry James' The Portrait of a Lady and man, that style is really, really pervasive.

As Generations Move
The Slayers
Gen -- some vague pairing references, but nothing that doesn't keep it gen. *g* Safe for work. Spoilers for the end of TRY.

As Generations Move )


Naturally, I stay up for two hours later than I wanted to, trying to get a fic idea because I didn't want to go without writing today, then finally give up and go to bed -- and almost the moment I lay down and close my eyes to try to sleep, the first line pops into my head.

I'd decided to try sleep FIRST next time, only that probably wouldn't work out. XD

Post-CFUD fic, because everyone's doing it. CHEAP EXCUSE FOR SMUT. WHAT. I got in all my brainwork with the Slayers fic!

CFUD-fic (death note centric)
Not safe for work. No spoilers for extremely obvious reasons.

Realization )

[fic] [CFUD] "Yes, I'm Listening" Aug. 30th, 2005 @ 06:59 pm
Did I mention I was gonna write something shameless? Here, have something shameless.

CFUD-based. Read more... ).

Yes, I'm Listening
CFUD-based Death Note fiction? You know what I mean. XD
Near<-->Mello. Not safe for work, not at all.

'God, he wants to get laid.' )

[fic][CFUD] "Waiting is Wasting" Aug. 19th, 2005 @ 07:05 am
....Okay, so, in CFUD, Mello's been tied to a bed and gagged for, um, all day because they know Misa has his name and thinks Misa has a Note and don't want to risk him being controlled into giving away vital info, and then while visiting, Chisame started talking about kinky things like guns and knives and really, what do you expect?

Also, I needed a break from typing with my nose. SO YES, THIS FIC IS TYPED WITH MY FINGERS.

Non-canon for CFUD, but you know. Ahahaha.

Also? PORN.

Waiting is Wasting
Not safe for work. No canon spoilers. CFUD-continuity (but not canon for CFUD.)

Waiting is Wasting )

[fic] Death note, 10 short CFUD-based pairing snippets Jul. 9th, 2005 @ 08:07 pm
Wacky! So in CFUD today I got in a random 'torment the Death Note characters as an audience member by posting smut-snippets at them based off things being said in the posts.'

...as I ended up with quite a few, um, here! Enjoy!

Some spoilers may apply, but, er, not really, because it's all CFUD "canon" where people who shouldn't die do, but that's okay because they become zombies, and there's a pair of brats sharing a duffle as a mattress and so on. XD XD I don't think you should find any real spoilers in here. But, as CFUD is, it's all a mix of real canon and CFUD canon. Play it safe.

Just assume that all of these snippets are at least a little not safe for work. (And that part isn't ANYTHING canon. XD Ain't nobody in the DN group actually having sex together. I don't think I could torment 'em so much by posting smut if they were. XD)

'Does Mello ever beat you?' 'I think this camp is getting to me. I was actually tempted to answer 'Nightly'.' || M/N )


Oh, so Mello tops? || N/M )


'It seems to present a problem to your sex life.' || N/M )


'We don't have a sex life!' 'You can lie better than that, Mello.' || N/M )


'I have come to care about their well-being, which, I admit, was something of a surprise to me. [...] I'm not sure there's place for regret in my life. It would interfere with expectations.' || LMN )


'I do not believe I am 'bad' [...] 'You deserve love as much as, if not more than, everybody and anybody else. Coming from a bad person who cares about other bad people, and some insecure good ones.' || LMN )


'I have recently found that confession is, as they say, good for the soul. [...] Does confession necessitate repentance? Or is it supposed to be that repentance necessitates confession?' 'No. I understand you.' || LMN )


'I think I might love you a little.' 'Who do I have that would love me?' '... Well, if you aren't worthy of love, L, then few of us are.' 'Perhaps not.' || LMN )


'so... do you love raito?' 'If by Raito you are essentially implying Kira, the person whom I have committed my life to outwitting and ensuring that he is duly punished and rots behind bars for the rest of eternity, then I think the answer should be obvious.' || L/Raito )


'The way that the N and M's orphanage is set up seems rather cruel to me. [...] Also, it seems to me that those children are being used. Not as badly as, say, if they were at a sweat-shop, but used nonetheless.' || LMN )
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