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[fic] DN/HxH, "Crossovers that were Not Meant to Be" Oct. 6th, 2007 @ 04:26 pm
Crossovers that were Not Meant to Be
...Death Note/HunterxHunter
Safe for work

Crossovers that were Not Meant to Be )

[fic] CFUD, "Nocturnal" Oct. 4th, 2005 @ 04:34 am
...Mmm. Not sure i"m satisfied with this, so I'm typing up and posting when dead tired. |D May rewrite at a later date.

CFUD-centric. Not safe for work.

CFUD Near/Mello
Not safe for work, no spoilers, etc. Drabble. By request of [info]harlecerule!

Nocturnal )

[fic] Death Note, "Night's Silence" Sep. 20th, 2005 @ 03:58 pm
Yanno, since I've been writing a lot of the same lately, I feel I should comment on my general fandom trends. XD They tend to go in the following cycle:

1) Haru writes every fandom she's ever been into, in a lazy, whatever strikes her, way. In other words, my first fandom, Sailormoon? I still occassionally write for it. I still occassionally write for Slayers, In Nomine, Vagrant Story, SaGa Frontier, and up through all my old fandoms.

2) Something New and Shiny comes along and catches Haru's interest.

3) Haru writes almost nothing but that Shiny Thing for a certain period, usually of a month to three, with occassional digressions to other fandoms she's fond of.

4) Either the fandom intensity slows off and Haru goes back to mingling in all her old fandoms (with this new one added into the pot-of-things-to-write-about) or a new shiny comes along and Haru works on that new shiny thing with digressions to the other things she's fond of, including the previous new shiny thing. XD

5) Repeat ad infinitum.

...So if you came for, say, Naruto fic? It'll still be coming now and then. FMA? Ditto. I just feel I should mention I haven't jumped ship; I'll be back to whatever fandom you came for, because I invariably always am. XD DN is just currently devouring me whole. :3

On that note!

Night's Silence
Death Note
No spoilers, safe for work.

Night's Silence )

[fic] CFUD, "Apple of his Eye" Sep. 16th, 2005 @ 02:20 am
Apple of his Eye
Because the players bribed me to. :D Worksafe, spoilers for one of Lee's abilities in Naruto. They're drinking buddies, see. If that makes sense to you, it's not a spoiler.

Apple of his Eye )

[fics] Slayers "As Generations Move", CFUD-Death Note "Realization" Sep. 9th, 2005 @ 10:47 am
Mmm, in the computer lab doing email/internet/etc. ^^ Just a couple more days and I'll have internet all of my own! That'll kick so much ass it hurts, yes. Not been up to much the last few days. Some visits with [info]cythraul, a lot of reading for literature courses. *g*

So, obsessive a little -- I've already written my 'Mello returns to CFUD' post and am just holding onto it for monday now. Fuuuu.

... Ficpost!

Pardon any weirdnesses in style -- wrote this after reading WAY WAY WAY too much of Henry James' The Portrait of a Lady and man, that style is really, really pervasive.

As Generations Move
The Slayers
Gen -- some vague pairing references, but nothing that doesn't keep it gen. *g* Safe for work. Spoilers for the end of TRY.

As Generations Move )


Naturally, I stay up for two hours later than I wanted to, trying to get a fic idea because I didn't want to go without writing today, then finally give up and go to bed -- and almost the moment I lay down and close my eyes to try to sleep, the first line pops into my head.

I'd decided to try sleep FIRST next time, only that probably wouldn't work out. XD

Post-CFUD fic, because everyone's doing it. CHEAP EXCUSE FOR SMUT. WHAT. I got in all my brainwork with the Slayers fic!

CFUD-fic (death note centric)
Not safe for work. No spoilers for extremely obvious reasons.

Realization )

[life update] [fics - BESM, tactics, Death Note] Sep. 6th, 2005 @ 09:03 am
Taking Flight
"Chikyuu Wa..." (My old BESM campaign)
No precise pairings, exactly, but references to sex?
What would a reader who hadn't played in it need to know:
- Modern highschool setting with a mix of genres, but mostly focussing around supernatural/conspiracy.
- Ranith (PC) is one of the rare survivors of a clan of dragons, spent some time as an assassin, is very antisocial yet has a reptilian motherly side. Found Yuuhi and took him in; when the PCs defeated Third in combat by breaking his mind, she took it in as well.
- Yuuhi (NPC) is another of the dragons. Empath with most his abilities sealed off, currently stunted from having been sold as essentially an expensive sex slave, and can't really consciously access his real form since ... well, very few clients want to be devoured by a giant reptile! Lovers of a sort with a fire demon the PCs had captured at a different point in the game.
- Third (NPC), aka Gabrielle aka Gabriel, is a complete headcase. Naturally-born full hermaphrodite, frequently abused during childhood, kidnapped and experimented on, had most of his spine replaced so he could pilot the MRCS (one of those 'mechs that drives you crazy unless you're there to begin with' things). Trained to be the perfect tool and soldier and have no personal identity or desires (the nickname Third refers to hir gender, as well as the pilot number for the MRCS prototype). Relies on a LOT of medication to survive or internal organs will start to fail. Despite the 'lack of personal identity' and the system of elabourite rules of obedience, occassional hints of a personality emerge; for instance, Third has a slight preference to be referred to as male (though it won't say as much if asked). Ranith took Third in and has been taking care of hir.

Taking Flight )


Kagome, Kagome
No real spoilers? I hint at some end of series spoilers, but I don't think you'll see 'em if you don't already know 'em. Pretty safe for work, I figure.

Kagome, Kagome )


Eyes to See
Death Note
Spoilers for chapters 76-77, not safe for work.

Eyes to See )

[fic] Death Note, "Five Things Near Wouldn't Admit To Under Torture" Sep. 2nd, 2005 @ 09:32 am
Miraculously, my internet/phone HASN'T cut out yet, but that's still to happen any, you know, minute now. Been busy; [info]eoan and I have been packing my place up and while I think it's 'mostly done', I'll also freely admit that I thought that last time and, boy howdy, it wasn't. *g*

So, I've been up since six this morning working -- doing what I can in this room while [info]eoan got some more sleep in the other -- and sharing some nori with the cat.

I took a few moments between packing up the sound system last night to download 77 and, hell, I'm not going to spoiler but, oh god, that chapter made the fangirl in me *happy*. Mmm, brainsex.

I also wrote this in between packing. Heh.

5 Things Near Wouldn't Admit To Under Torture
Death Note
Some Near/Mello, some Near --> L, some Near --> Kira, ranges from no spoilers (early ones) to spoilers up through chapter 77 in the last yes I know I'm a h0r for spoilers for really recent stuff (chapter released yesterday whut). Safe for work (but some violence)

5 Things Near Wouldn't Admit To Under Torture )

[fic] [CFUD] "Yes, I'm Listening" Aug. 30th, 2005 @ 06:59 pm
Did I mention I was gonna write something shameless? Here, have something shameless.

CFUD-based. Read more... ).

Yes, I'm Listening
CFUD-based Death Note fiction? You know what I mean. XD
Near<-->Mello. Not safe for work, not at all.

'God, he wants to get laid.' )

[fic] Death Note, "Endurance Training" Aug. 21st, 2005 @ 05:37 am
Right, okay, so, after incessant mocking from [info]harlecerule about how, in my AU, Mello comes first 90% of the time, I totally had to write this.

Endurance Training
Not safe for work. No spoilers. Getting back to what I'm known for, heh.

Endurance Training )

[fic] Death Note, "The One Who Knows You Best" Aug. 20th, 2005 @ 09:42 am
The One Who Knows You Best
Death Note
L/Light, with equal focus on later characters (gen)
Not safe for work due to sexual content (both with the pairing and not). No actual spoilers, but though it's set before volume 5 of the manga, there's characters focussed on in here who don't appear until chapter 60 or so.

The One Who Knows You Best )

[fic][CFUD] "Waiting is Wasting" Aug. 19th, 2005 @ 07:05 am
....Okay, so, in CFUD, Mello's been tied to a bed and gagged for, um, all day because they know Misa has his name and thinks Misa has a Note and don't want to risk him being controlled into giving away vital info, and then while visiting, Chisame started talking about kinky things like guns and knives and really, what do you expect?

Also, I needed a break from typing with my nose. SO YES, THIS FIC IS TYPED WITH MY FINGERS.

Non-canon for CFUD, but you know. Ahahaha.

Also? PORN.

Waiting is Wasting
Not safe for work. No canon spoilers. CFUD-continuity (but not canon for CFUD.)

Waiting is Wasting )

[fic] Death Note, "In the Jagged Edges" (AU) Aug. 16th, 2005 @ 10:05 pm
...so, congratulations to me. Counting Rags to Riches and this latest fic, I'm at 10 parts, slightly over 25,000 words, and slightly under 70 pages (68 single-spaced, with breaks between each paragraph) in the Death Note AU I'm writing.

...Huh. That's a lot of writing. :D;


In the Jagged Edges
Death Note
Near/Mello, some L/Near/Mello content
NOT safe for work due to sexual content. AU. Appears in this order in the storyline: Rags to Riches (prequel), Second Place, The Silence of Prayer, Inside the Castle Walls, A Wish For Happy Returns, Hanged on Bent Nails, The Influence of Rain, Born Again, The Virgin Bleeds, And The Truth Comes Out, In the Jagged Edges.

In the Jagged Edges )

[fic] Death Note, "Rags to Riches" Aug. 10th, 2005 @ 04:36 pm
Nrrgh. Wrote this. Not sure of the quality, but am posting anyway because my inbox is extremely lonely but for emails from family I am a hor and I'm not sure how much I can improve it anyway.

Sorry about all the Death Note content, folks. XD No worries, you all know my fandom flows, I'll be back to writing other fandoms too soon enough.

TECHNICALLY this is part of the AU -- a prologue/prequel, if you would -- but it works fine as a stand alone. Mostly just mentioning the part-of-the-AU-ness because I rather like it for L backstory (well, sort of backstory. Origin story without actual origins?) FOR the AU. XD

Rags to Riches
Death Note
Safe for work. (AU). No spoilers.

Rags to Riches )

[fic] Death Note, "A Change of Plans" Aug. 3rd, 2005 @ 06:50 am
A Change of Plans
Death Note
(NOT the AU XD). Spoilers for chapter 73 like WHOA. Not safe for work. FULL OF KINK. 8D

A Change of Plans )

[fic] Death Note, "Born Again, the Virgin Bleeds" Jul. 31st, 2005 @ 04:51 pm
Back to that good ol' DN AU!

Born Again, the Virgin Bleeds
Death Note
Near/Mello, some hints of Near/Mello --> L
NOT safe for work due to sexual content. AU. Appears in this order in the storyline: Second Place, The Silence of Prayer, Inside the Castle Walls, A Wish For Happy Returns, Hanged on Bent Nails, The Influence of Rain, Born Again, The Virgin Bleeds, And The Truth Comes Out.

Born Again, the Virgin Bleeds )

[fic] Death Note, "A Shot In The Dark" Jul. 26th, 2005 @ 02:33 pm
Anyway, have some random M/N fucked up mindporn with guns.

Not part of the AU, surprisingly. Heh. ...from conversation with [info]harlecerule at Officially Too Early O'Clock like... two weeks ago XD.

A Shot in the Dark
No spoilers. Not safe for work. Bloodplay. Etc. Do not read if you're squicky with guns.

A Shot in the Dark )

[fic] Death note, "The Influence of Rain" Jul. 19th, 2005 @ 11:21 am
I am incredibly freaking tired and got far less than the bare minimum of sleep I can function on, only then Dad phoned and I popped into AWAKE AND PERKY ON THE PHONE mode and now I can't get back to sleep after trying for, oh, hours.

So. Editing fic I finished last night, posting it, then back to attempt to sleep. Or I guess nap at this point, since I fully intend not to oversleep again.


The Influence of Rain
Death Note
NOT safe for work due to sexual content. AU. Appears in this order in the storyline: Second Place, The Silence of Prayer, Inside the Castle Walls, A Wish For Happy Returns, Hanged on Bent Nails, The Influence of Rain, And The Truth Comes Out.

The Influence of Rain )

[fic] Death Note, "Best Laid Plans" Jul. 12th, 2005 @ 08:10 pm
I blame #campfuckudie. ...and [info]harlecerule. Mostly [info]harlecerule. Half the lines were hers, after all!

Best Laid Plans
Death Note
Craaaaaaaaack. Not safe for work! Spoilers for uhhhh. Chapter 65 or so?

Best Laid Plans )

[fic] Death Note, "Missing Pieces" Jul. 11th, 2005 @ 06:26 pm
I totally forgot to post this HERE the same time I posted it to [info]deathnote100. XD

Missing Pieces
For [info]deathnote100's "Something Goes Wrong" challenge.
Safe for work. Spoilers for chapters 58+.
Wordcount: 100.

Missing Pieces )

[fic] Death note, 10 short CFUD-based pairing snippets Jul. 9th, 2005 @ 08:07 pm
Wacky! So in CFUD today I got in a random 'torment the Death Note characters as an audience member by posting smut-snippets at them based off things being said in the posts.'

...as I ended up with quite a few, um, here! Enjoy!

Some spoilers may apply, but, er, not really, because it's all CFUD "canon" where people who shouldn't die do, but that's okay because they become zombies, and there's a pair of brats sharing a duffle as a mattress and so on. XD XD I don't think you should find any real spoilers in here. But, as CFUD is, it's all a mix of real canon and CFUD canon. Play it safe.

Just assume that all of these snippets are at least a little not safe for work. (And that part isn't ANYTHING canon. XD Ain't nobody in the DN group actually having sex together. I don't think I could torment 'em so much by posting smut if they were. XD)

'Does Mello ever beat you?' 'I think this camp is getting to me. I was actually tempted to answer 'Nightly'.' || M/N )


Oh, so Mello tops? || N/M )


'It seems to present a problem to your sex life.' || N/M )


'We don't have a sex life!' 'You can lie better than that, Mello.' || N/M )


'I have come to care about their well-being, which, I admit, was something of a surprise to me. [...] I'm not sure there's place for regret in my life. It would interfere with expectations.' || LMN )


'I do not believe I am 'bad' [...] 'You deserve love as much as, if not more than, everybody and anybody else. Coming from a bad person who cares about other bad people, and some insecure good ones.' || LMN )


'I have recently found that confession is, as they say, good for the soul. [...] Does confession necessitate repentance? Or is it supposed to be that repentance necessitates confession?' 'No. I understand you.' || LMN )


'I think I might love you a little.' 'Who do I have that would love me?' '... Well, if you aren't worthy of love, L, then few of us are.' 'Perhaps not.' || LMN )


'so... do you love raito?' 'If by Raito you are essentially implying Kira, the person whom I have committed my life to outwitting and ensuring that he is duly punished and rots behind bars for the rest of eternity, then I think the answer should be obvious.' || L/Raito )


'The way that the N and M's orphanage is set up seems rather cruel to me. [...] Also, it seems to me that those children are being used. Not as badly as, say, if they were at a sweat-shop, but used nonetheless.' || LMN )

[fic] Death Note, "Inside the Castle Walls" Jul. 9th, 2005 @ 02:17 pm
Inside the Castle Walls
Death Note
NOT safe for work due to sexual content. AU. I STILL REALLY need a aname for this AU. C'MON, SUGGESTIONS? Appears in this order in the storyline: NOT safe for work due to sexual content. AU. I STILL REALLY need a aname for this AU. Appears in this order in the storyline: Second Place, The Silence of Prayer, Inside the Castle Walls, A Wish For Happy Returns, Hanged on Bent Nails, And The Truth Comes Out.

Inside the Castle Walls )

[fic] Death Note, "Hanged on Bent Nails" Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 12:55 pm
Starting to feel really tempted to take a nap. Ummmm. Resisting! Holding out! Resetting my sleep schedule! ... ... ...

But in the meantime, some more Death Note AU!

...have I mentioned I'm a h0r for symbolism? I'm a h0r for symbolism. This is set right after A Wish for Happy Returns.

Hanged on Bent Nails
Death Note
NOT safe for work due to sexual content. AU. I STILL REALLY need a aname for this AU. Appears in this order in the storyline: Second Place, The Silence of Prayer, A Wish For Happy Returns, Hanged on Bent Nails, And The Truth Comes Out.

Hanged on Bent Nails )

[fic] Death Note, "Let Him Eat Cake" Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 01:47 am
For [info]mackzazzle, who plays the most fantastic L in CFUD, and was currently feeling grumpy and wanted some Light/L pr0n.

Let Him Eat Cake
Death Note
Not safe for work. Minor spoilers for... I'm not even sure what chapter it is. Haha. ...minor spoilers, but definitely before chapter 50.

Let Him Eat Cake )

[fic] Death Note, "A Close Shave" Jul. 6th, 2005 @ 10:20 pm
So, yeah. Like, a few days ago, I mentioned to Emerald I was writing about two boys and a razor. She misinterpreted, then told me to write it.

I mustn't disobey Master. When I disobey Master, the hurting happens.

A Close Shave
Death Note
...not safe for work. Also: it stings and burns. No spoilers, though!

A Close Shave )

[fic] Death Note, "A Wish for Happy Returns" Jul. 6th, 2005 @ 01:41 pm
A Wish for Happy Returns
Death Note
NOT safe for work due to sexual content. AU. I REALLY need a aname for this AU. Appears in this order in the storyline: Second Place, The Silence of Prayer, Wishing Happy Returns, And The Truth Comes Out.

A Wish for Happy Returns )

[fic] Death Note, "The Silence of Prayer" Jul. 5th, 2005 @ 07:37 am
...I was attacked by this fic just now. It held me hostage and didn't let go. I REALLY need a name for this AU storyline. Set immediately after Second Place.

The Silence of Prayer
Death Note
Some minor Near/Mello
No spoilers, unless you count behaviour of characters who don't appear until much later! AU. Safe for work.

The Silence of Prayer )

[fic] Death Note, "And The Truth Comes Out" Jul. 5th, 2005 @ 03:44 am
God, this took forever and a day to write. I was distracted between nearly every WORD, I swear.

In the same continuity as the Second Place AU. Gotta find a name for the AU, since I've several other fics planned. This one's set somewhat in the future from that one; I've got another that'll go sooner after, but hey, this one's written first. XD

And The Truth Comes Out
Death Note
Some Near/Mello overtones
No sexual content at all, but not safe for work due to semi-graphic depictions of torture. If you're squicky, avoid. Only spoilers in here are if you don't wanna know the personalities of characters who show up in later chapters (post-58). AU.

And The Truth Comes Out )

[fic] Death note, "Kira's Greatest Success" Jun. 29th, 2005 @ 05:03 pm
I forget how, because we were talking about it yesterday and I have no memory, but this is totally [info]harlecerule's fault somehow. She puts bad thoughts into my mind. 8D

Kira's Greatest Success
Death Note
...some Light/L, sort of? :D
Spoilers for chapter 58. Crack!

Kira's Greatest Success )

[fic] Death note, "Second Place" Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 04:29 am
Second Place
Death Note
...not safe for work due to sexual content. AU from chapter 58 on. Mild spoilers for characters' behaviour (is that even spoilers?) for chapter 58 on. Feel free to imagine the boys whatever age makes you happy. Myep.

Second Place )

[fic] Death Note, "Accidental Death" Jun. 27th, 2005 @ 11:32 pm
[info]harlecerule: ...if it's any help for poor Mello's ego, someone got the lj Death Note community on fandom wank by throwing a tantrum that all Matsuda/Sayu fans are EVIL because they only like that pairing because otherwise they'd HAVE to admit that MELLO/SAYU is TWOO CANON LUV and they all want to make Mello NEAR'S BITCH and that's EVIL.
[info]harukami: .......................WHAT
[info]harukamio: MELLO/SAYU? D
[info]harlecerule: I DON'T UNDERSTAND EITHER.
[info]harlecerule: ...besides, it'd obviously be Sayu/Mello.
[info]harlecerule: Also, Sayu's Raito's little sister. Under that meek and mild Japanese girl exterior, you know she's got the makings of a Kira Jr.
[info]harlecerule: ...that sounds strangely disturbing and incestuous.
[info]harukami: .......SAYU/LIGHT.
[info]harukami: Because you know Sayu would top.
[info]harukami: URGH
[info]harlecerule: Yeeeees? XD XD XD
[info]harukami: My imagination is too overactive for its own good
[info]harlecerule: XD XD XD <3 So is mine, but I swear, I'm so used to brain-burny things that they just... roll off the top these days.
[info]harukami: Yes, but my automatic instinct is "I should write it!'

Accidental Death
Death Note
Sayu/Light... sort of?
...not completely safe for work, but close enough. Crack! Spoilers for one of Light's Death Note hiding places, if that counts? XD All [info]harlecerule's fault. Especially the plot twists. :D

Accidental Death )
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