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[fic] tactics, "Lesbian Sex" May. 12th, 2007 @ 04:10 pm
Title: Lesbian Sex
tactics - Haruka/Kantarou
Author: Genuine Replica [info]harukami
Recipient: prinnybomb nekokoban
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: c-crack? I kind of got fixated on the 'it's raikou's fault' part of the idea and then this happened.
Summary: Raikou has a plan. An evil, evil, self-gratifying plan!
Prompt: [leftover] Haruka/Kantarou. If you can do it, tactics genderfuck would be *awesome*. AU genderswitch or general-canon, either/or. Bonus if Raikou is involved (or if it's all his fault)! :3

Lesbian Sex )

[fic] tactics, "Fly, Fly Away" Apr. 28th, 2007 @ 12:08 am
Title: Fly, Fly Away
tactics - Haruka/Kantarou
Author: Genuine Replica [info]harukami
Recipient: prestidigitator miang
Rating: R
Warnings: Some blood, wing fetishization. Also some issues of consent (involving the use of Haruka's name), but nothing actually major with that.
Summary: Kantarou finds himself obsessing over -- and worrying about -- the possibility of Haruka's flight.
Prompt:: Tactics, Haruka/Kantarou. Something R-rated or higher, involving at least one of flying, fetishization of wings, silk, and/or tasteful public nudity. ♥

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[fic] tactics, "Five Winters" Dec. 19th, 2006 @ 07:13 pm
Five Winters
Haruka/Kantarou (Youko)
Not quite safe for work, no spoilers. 2500 words.
For [info]nekokoban. Merry Christmas!

Five Winters )

[life update] [fics - BESM, tactics, Death Note] Sep. 6th, 2005 @ 09:03 am
Taking Flight
"Chikyuu Wa..." (My old BESM campaign)
No precise pairings, exactly, but references to sex?
What would a reader who hadn't played in it need to know:
- Modern highschool setting with a mix of genres, but mostly focussing around supernatural/conspiracy.
- Ranith (PC) is one of the rare survivors of a clan of dragons, spent some time as an assassin, is very antisocial yet has a reptilian motherly side. Found Yuuhi and took him in; when the PCs defeated Third in combat by breaking his mind, she took it in as well.
- Yuuhi (NPC) is another of the dragons. Empath with most his abilities sealed off, currently stunted from having been sold as essentially an expensive sex slave, and can't really consciously access his real form since ... well, very few clients want to be devoured by a giant reptile! Lovers of a sort with a fire demon the PCs had captured at a different point in the game.
- Third (NPC), aka Gabrielle aka Gabriel, is a complete headcase. Naturally-born full hermaphrodite, frequently abused during childhood, kidnapped and experimented on, had most of his spine replaced so he could pilot the MRCS (one of those 'mechs that drives you crazy unless you're there to begin with' things). Trained to be the perfect tool and soldier and have no personal identity or desires (the nickname Third refers to hir gender, as well as the pilot number for the MRCS prototype). Relies on a LOT of medication to survive or internal organs will start to fail. Despite the 'lack of personal identity' and the system of elabourite rules of obedience, occassional hints of a personality emerge; for instance, Third has a slight preference to be referred to as male (though it won't say as much if asked). Ranith took Third in and has been taking care of hir.

Taking Flight )


Kagome, Kagome
No real spoilers? I hint at some end of series spoilers, but I don't think you'll see 'em if you don't already know 'em. Pretty safe for work, I figure.

Kagome, Kagome )


Eyes to See
Death Note
Spoilers for chapters 76-77, not safe for work.

Eyes to See )

Aug. 31st, 2005 @ 10:17 pm
I was just talking with [info]nekokoban and thought I'd scrawl this out and post it BEFORE my internet got disconnected, heh. :D Because BAD PAIRING NAME PUNS WIN, I'm writing a pairing I honestly never expected to!

Sweet Youkan
Fluff short drabble whut. XD Er... gen-ish het! Safe for work.

Sweet Youkan )

[fic] tactics, "Strange Attachments" Cowrite with WhiteCat Jul. 19th, 2005 @ 02:13 am
Apparently I'm not allowed to think up names ever. >D I don't know, I thought 'Very Sticky Rice' was a GOOD name! :D

Strange Attachments -- cowrite with [info]nekokoban
Haruka/Kantarou/ricebowl [OT3♥]
Haruka really likes his rice bowl. Kantarou compensates.
(Hahahaha, what, people keep letting us write together. XD )

( Strange Attachments )
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